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i-loview 7 - Full HD by Chris Park Design

The i-loview 7 is a portable magnifier in a stylish design. Its large 7-inch screen and full HD image quality offer an amazingly crisp and clear image.

Read your mail or magazines, look at photos, read restaurant menus and check price tags, read street signs and information boards -- the i-loview 7 delivers outstanding quality close up and at a distance.

Freeze the image and scroll through the captured picture, save it to an SD card, or connect to a TV via HDMI for a larger viewing area -- the i-loview 7's abundance of features makes it the most versatile handheld video magnifier available.

Weighing less than 19 oz. and offering a battery life of 4 hours, the i-loview 7 is a great travel companion, wherever you go.


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